Terms & Conditions

Amara Jane kindly requests all customers read the terms and conditions before ordering, as ordering constitutes your agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions, this will not affect your statutory rights.

Amara Jane reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without prior notice to the customer. Amara Jane will request you to read and accept the terms and conditions on each order you make as they could be changed at any given moment.

Should you have any enquiries regarding the terms and conditions please contact us before placing your order on 01423 885196.

This website is the property and managed by:

Amara Jane Interiors
35a High Street
North Yorkshire
TEL: 01423 885196


Order Process

Three options are offered:

  1. Online at www.amarajane.co.uk
  2. By telephone 01423 885196
  3. In shop ordering.

On placing your order AmaraJane will contact you via email within 24hrs or next business working day with an order confirmation and any relevant information regarding your order.

Your information will be held securely with Amara Jane and not divulged to any third party.

Completion of an order process will deem your acceptance of these terms & conditions, Once your product has been dispatched the contract between you(the customer) and ourselves (Amara Jane) will be considered completed, unless we have contacted you with reason of termination of your order or if you have cancelled the order in accordance with our cancellation procedure found on chapter 4 of our terms and conditions.

Termination of an order may be due to the following:

  • The product you ordered being unavailable
  • A product pricing error
  • A product description error
  • An issue with your payment


Amara Jane has the right to modify, alter and/or change the website including withdrawal of the web site without giving any notice to the customer..

All products are new and sold as new. All items marked as ”Last Remaining Stock” means that the item is discontinued and will not be able to get any exchanges for faulty items and any missing parts. This information does not affect your statutory right to a refund in event of dissatisfaction. If you are dissatisfied please read our Refund policy which applies for all items sold.


Payment for your order is made in full on placing your order via the web site. All telephone and walk in orders can be placed using a deposit however all items remain the property of Amara Jane until the item is paid in full.  We accept most types of credit and debit card. Credit cards used will incur a 3% charge of the total amount of your order, debit cards will not incur a charge. You may pay by cheque made payable to Amara Jane and sent to our business address however your products will not be dispatched until the check has cleared the bank.

If for any reason we can not process your payment or the cheque given does not clear then we will contact you to arrange an alternative payment method. We will advise you if your payment details cannot be authorised, if for any reason a cheque payment does not clear it will incur a £20 cost.

Amara Jane will make every effort to make sure that your order is sent out as soon as we can however occasionally delays may occur from our suppliers. If such eventualities happen Amara Jane can not be held liable for a delayed shipment delivery out of our control. If this is the case Amara Jane will contact you at the soonest convenience to inform of any possible delays and reasons for the delay where applicable.

All products in store and online are charged with VAT and all items are quoted in (£) sterling.

Refunds will be returned using the same details and method they were paid for only.



Delivery cost is not included in the price as this is separate and down to amount of product and area of delivery.

Please contact Amara Jane prior to ordering regarding delivery costs.

All deliveries are made within 30 days from the date you order. We will endeavour to get your item to you as soon as we can however this may take up to 30 days due to the nature of our made to measure process and currier times. If it will take more than 30 days then we will inform you of this as soon as we have the relative information on any unforeseen delays as soon as we can. Deliveries will be made to the address provided on placing your order. Deliveries out side of theUKmain land will incur additional charges. Please call our office on 01423 885196 for a delivery cost.

We will deliver your goods to the address you provide us at the time you place your order. Please check all items before signing for the delivery as once signed means that you have willingly accepted and checked the item/s to be in good condition with no damage or faults.

If your item is dispatched out of theUKmainland please check all items prior to signing for the goods as any damaged or faulty items will not be able to be returned once the item has been signed for in good condition. Returns will only be collected from main landUK.

We will deliver all the items on the order as one whole delivery once all the items are available for delivery. If part of the order is ready then it can be collected from Amara Jane at any time through the order process but the item collected will have to be paid for in full. If you would like part of your order sent out before completion of the full order then this will occur a separate additional delivery charge relevant to the item and the item would have to be paid for in full prior to delivery or on the date of delivery via (£)sterling only. Please call us for further assistance if this is the case.

On placing an order please check all relative sizes to make sure that the item will fit into your property as it is your responsibility as the customer to make sure the item will access your property, as any item found to be too big or unable to fit into the property will occur additional charges to return the item and have it made to split and fit your property and an additional charge for the return delivery.

Amara Jane is only insured to the front of your delivery address. Please be aware that once entering the property that all carpets are covered and protected with your own sheets or mats and that all valuables including wall hanging items, breakable items, furniture, pictures or anything else in the way of the chosen location for the item is removed prior to the delivery team entering the property as any damages occurred within the property will not be held responsible by Amara Jane.

If the delivery team have visit to a property to do any work on a unit by a joiner or colour a unit by a colour finisher the employee will do his very best to keep the work area tidy, however Amara Jane can not be held responsible for any small amounts of dust or any other relative waste left on the property. Colour finishers will try to take every precaution to minimalise any incidents occurring whilst colouring your unit but it is ultimately up to the customer to make sure that the area is suitable for the job. Amara Jane’s insurance does not cover any over spill or damages and can not be held liable.

It is the customer responsibility to check all items before signing acceptance of the delivery. A signature states that the customer has checked all items and that they are without fault and in good condition.

If you are unsure or unhappy about an item delivered, or have any issues regarding work within the property please call our staff on 01423 885196.

Please note that deliveries from Amara Jane are conducted by way of using our own van, and all deliveries start from our business address, and are priced from that address to the delivery address. Delivery times are approximate and delays can occur and must be accepted.

If we are using a courier no set time or date can be given until we have confirmation from the courier and Amara Jane can not be held responsible for the delayed delivery of an item from our courier’s specified delivery date and time.

Please make sure that someone authorised to accept and sign for the item is at the property that we are delivering to, as whoever signs for the item at the delivery address will be deemed to be authorised by the customer to accept the item/s. Signing for a delivery confirms that the item/s are correct and in good condition.

If no one is at the delivery address then Amara Jane will not leave any items and will return the item/s to our business address. If this is the case then an additional charge will be made for re-delivery.

Please make sure that after your delivery that you keep every relevant packaging that came with the delivery as items returned for any reason without its original package may be refused.

Unless a fault is identified after a signature is given, Amara Jane will not accept a return or issue a refund

If you have chosen to opt for a flat pack range of furniture please check all items are correct and if assembly of items is done on your property, please check thoroughly before signing acceptance, as once a flat pack item has been assembled it can not be returned to our suppliers and we can not issue you with a refund on the item for any faults found after acceptance of the item as signed for.

If your goods have been lost or damaged in transit please let us know as soon as possible by calling 01423 885196 and a confirmation with description to us regarding all relevant information sent to our email address enquieries@amarajane.co.uk.

Our local delivery charges are as follows:



One Man delivery

Two Man Delivery










Boroughbridge / Pately







Cancellation and Returns

Cancellation –Cancelations of orders can be made 7 days prior to the date of delivery. Any return or cancellation amounts will be returned using the same method as they were paid unless otherwise agreed with Amara Jane. If the item is a custom made unit then a refund will be made of any amount over the deposit however the deposit will not be returned.

If a cancelation is made on any bought in items then a full refund will be given.

If an item has been delivered and is part of a complete order then the item delivered will not be classed as a returning item and as such can not be issued with a refund as the item has been accepted as delivered unless Amara Jane has agreed on different terms with the customer on a return of items. For which the delivery & collection costs may occur and can not be refunded of the return cancelation.

If you wish to cancel an order please let us know in writing at our business address Amara Jane, 35a High Street Starbeck,Harrogate, North Yorkshire, HG2 7LQ.

Returns – Amara Jane will take every effort in making sure that your items will be made and delivered to the highest of standards. If for any reason you feel that an item does not match your required expectations please don’t hesitate to contact our office as soon as you notice the issue .We will be more than happy to assist you in making sure that what you get is right for what you want it for and it meets all your satisfactions and needs.

Amara Jane can not give a return on items that have been taken/delivered and signed for however we will be able to do a like for like exchange of an item at a similar price or use the purchase amount to go against another product/s in store. So long as the returning item is in good condition and in all its original packaging and you are returning the item within 14days from the date it was collected/delivered.

All custom made items due to the nature of the unit being bespoke will have a price for price item made however the deposit for the original item will be taken off as non refundable meaning that your exchange will become less than the original value or if its like for like may have an additional cost involved unless other wise agreed with Amara Jane in writing.

Please note that all pictures of items and sizes are given as guidance and that the overall look and size of the unit may differ slightly with what is shown. The colour of the item on the web site and in our catalogues may vary as some printers and some displays vary shades of colours. If you are unsure about any thing mentioned above please feel free to contact one of our staff members on 01423 885196 for a colour sample or an accurate measurement. You can also view the item before collection and delivery to make sure that the item is accurate and true to what you have been portrayed.

Faulty Goods – Every effort will be made via Amara Jane to make sure that all you items arrive to you in 100% condition. If you find any problems regarding the items delivered then you have 14 days to which you can contact us on 01423 885196 and in writing to Amara Jane, 35a High Street Starbeck, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, HG2 7LQ with any missing or unsatisfied parts/items as long as they have been un-assembled or modified and that they have all the relevant packaging supplied.

Any custom made items must be checked for faults on delivery as they can not be returned after they have been signed for and can only be returned on the day they were delivered if the item is seen to be damaged in transit.

Please check all flat pack items are complete with all packaging, fixtures, fittings, components and instructions on delivery or within the 14 day period as anything past the 14 day time limit will invalidate a return even if the item has been found with a fault.

Please do not try to amend alter or fix any issues with faulty items as this will waiver your right to return the item to us as it will invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty.

If you have received/taken a flat pack or self assemble item please check that the item is all off adequate quality and has all the relative parts prior to building the item as Amara Jane can not accept faulty goods that have been made or part made up. Assembly of the item remains the sore responsibility of the customer and Amara Jane takes no responsibility for any damages made by anyone else apart form ourselves on the building of the unit. We may give you guidance on assembly of the unit but this it purely verbal and given as purely guidance. It is up to the customer to make the final decision on the assembly.

If you need any help with missing parts or extra parts please call 01423 885196 for assistance.

Mattresses can not be returned if we believe they have been taken out of there original packaging due to health and safety and hygiene reasons.


Collection charges –

Large items being brought to Amara Jane for amendment, painting stripping etc. will a collection and redelivery charge levied:


Collection / Re-Delivery

One Man

Two man










Boroughbridge / Pately






There will be no charge for items that have been delivered, and later found to be ill fitting or faulty.

100% Price Match Guarantee

Amara Jane offers a "100% Price Match Guarantee" on all products provided they meet the following:

  • Our price match is guaranteed up to 7 days after purchase
  • The product is an identical match in size colour and fittings as our competitor with plans and descriptions from the competitor to back the claim.
  • The delivery terms of the competitor are the same as Amara Jane
  • The item they are selling has to be in stock and available for immediate delivery.
  • Amara Jane can confirm with the competitors details about the product.
  • Price match only applies within the mainlandUK.